Designing a life to fit you, on and with purpose

All to often our life tends to become overwhelming, chaotic and unsatisfying, not because of something we messed up in a big way, but rather because we did not conciously choose to design it in a way that suits our needs.

We all tend to go with the “default” choices in life, not aware there are better suited options.

The result of going with the default life choices?

  • getting in long term debt
  • Becoming overweight and unhealthy
  • being constantly tired and unfocussed
  • working unsatisfying jobs
  • spending too much time and effort getting to those jobs
  • not spending enough time with family and friends
  • not fulfilling life long dreams (“I´ll do that when I retire”)

Society’s default choices worked well up until about a decade ago for most people but we have seen the cracks appearing. Constant technological and societal progress and change is making uncertain what was previously certain.

With redesign my life, I want to show you there are other options. By redesigning crucial factors that determine your life, you can make radical changes to break up the routine and break free of the constraints of the default choices.

I specialize in helping people:

  • Optimize human performance for better energy, mental health and physical health.
  • Learning new languages and adapting to new countries.
  • Becoming an ex-pat, getting hired in foreign countries
  • Becoming location independent and/or a digital nomad



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