What my course of productive energy on purpose is about

When working with my coaching clients especially, I noticed that a big challenge for them was not the technical or intellectual challenge of the work itself but finding the mental and physical energy to do the work.

By explaining some of the basic human factors issues that I will discuss in this course, many of my clients have been able to improve their levels of energy and enthusiasm a lot which really made a difference in achieving their goals as an entrepreneur.

This topic fits in perfectly with the redesign-my-life thinking. By redesigning the performance influencing factors in your life you will be able to consistently and automatically generate more energy in your day to day life. I am not talking about woo woo energy, I am talking about the metabolic and mental energy you will need to make and serious change in your life. With Productive Energy on Purpose, I hope to address the first and biggest obstacle for most people, namely the lack of energy most people who are stuck in a rut feel.

What triggered my desire to get a ahead with this was a day recently where, for some reason, I did everything right for a while.  I woke up early filled with so much energy and great mood that I could not sit still. I had to start walking.

So, I went out early, walked briskly to the beach and really appreciated the day.  My brain felt like it was on fire with many ideas and just had to write down a whole bunch of ideas related to my work projects.

I realized 2 things afterwards.  First, “Why am I not always feeling this great?” I did not do or take anything special to feel this way.  But compared to that day, other days I felt like I had a lot less energy, less ability to focus on work and not so much desire to go outside and move.

And second, “No matter how energetic I feel now, I am not focusing my energy in the right place, I am not as productive as I could be.”

I needed a clearer view and structure to apply it in my own life and help my clients to apply it in their life.

Not only to feel more energetic but help to focus that energy on what is truly productive.

Not just do “busy work” which feels good but does not help you to reach your goals.

So, in a sense, this is very much a “scratch your own itch” kind of course.  Even if no one watches it.  At the end I have a blueprint to improve my own performance day after day. I am certainly not perfect myself, but applying these principles I am able to have more and more good days.

If you are watching this, I hope I can help you to feel as energetic as I felt that day.

I hope you take something from this course and apply it to your daily life and it helps you to feel better!

It is still in prototype phase but I will organise articles and trial videos on here as I go!

Designing a life to fit you, on and with purpose

All to often our life tends to become overwhelming, chaotic and unsatisfying, not because of something we messed up in a big way, but rather because we did not conciously choose to design it in a way that suits our needs.

We all tend to go with the “default” choices in life, not aware there are better suited options.

The result of going with the default life choices?

  • getting in long term debt
  • Becoming overweight and unhealthy
  • being constantly tired and unfocussed
  • working unsatisfying jobs
  • spending too much time and effort getting to those jobs
  • not spending enough time with family and friends
  • not fulfilling life long dreams (“I´ll do that when I retire”)

Society’s default choices worked well up until about a decade ago for most people but we have seen the cracks appearing. Constant technological and societal progress and change is making uncertain what was previously certain.

With redesign my life, I want to show you there are other options. By redesigning crucial factors that determine your life, you can make radical changes to break up the routine and break free of the constraints of the default choices.

I specialize in helping people:

  • Optimize human performance for better energy, mental health and physical health.
  • Learning new languages and adapting to new countries.
  • Becoming an ex-pat, getting hired in foreign countries
  • Becoming location independent and/or a digital nomad