Optimizing your Human Performance

The default life choices are rarely helpful
to be healthy,  energetic and focussed.

You need to control the
performance influencing factors
in your life,
or they will control you…

Sleep and fatigue management

Trying to undertake big life altering projects
while sleep deprived
is going to be more challenging
than it needs to be!

The absolute foundation of any performance improvement is fixing your sleep.

If you are sleep deprived, like most people, the single biggest benefit you will ever feel  is redesigning your sleep habits.

Every other intervention in your life be it weight loss, excercise,health, learning, attractiveness, mental healthy,… is going to have little to no effect if you are not sleeping well. And yet most people ignore it, thinking they can short cut sleep…

In aviation, we have been telling  pilots and engineers for decades to  pay attention to sleep to prevent human error, but even there we do not tell people HOW to sleep.

The fact of the matter is that event the right information is not enough to fix your sleep.
You really need to re-design several factors in your life and make concious decisions to allow you again to have the right quantity and quality sleep.
The interventions to fix sleep can be simple but like diet they can be difficult to consistently apply.
You might even have to FIGHT to claim back your sleeping hours. But the pay off is huge!

Distraction and focus

There are billion dollar companies built solely on

Changing your life for the better
is going to require FOCUS

After re-establishing your physical and cognitive performance through sleep, another common problem is that we are less and less able to focus. We are increasingly surrounded by devices and media which make money from your attention. Some former executives have admitted that these companies are doing everything they can to make their product more addictive.

It is changing our brains and more and more impacting our ability to deliver high impact quality work.
Re-designing your life to eliminate distraction is going to make it much more likely you will achieve your goals and feel less anxious and stressed in the bargain.

But that is only half the job.

In order to focus you need to decide what is important to focus on. Here we tend to be equally confused. Many people have lost their way because they have not defined what gives purpose and meaning to their life. So in the coaching process we spend a lot of time figuring out not only WHAT you want to do but also HOW and WHY you want to do it. The WHAT actually can change, but once you have figured out your WHY or your purpose, you can achieve unshakable FOCUS!